Fidget Spinner Quality Inspection Service / Product Quality Control Inspection and Testing / Sample Inspection Report

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$228.00 - $278.00 / Unit | 1 Unit/Units (Min. Order)
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Quick Details
Place of Origin:
Guangdong, China
Brand Name:
Sunchine Inspection
Model Number:
Professional Factory Audit:
assess the capability of a Factory to produce as per your requirement
Product Quality Inspection:
to make sure the production complies with your specifications
High Quality pledge:
a sound knowledge of European and US quality standards
Third Party Inspection Service:
independent and impartial inspection services
Ensure Product Safety and compliance:
Product quality inspection and tests
Inspector specializing by industry:
experienced & with a good technical knowledge of the inspected product
Highly trained full-time inspector:
to detect products containing non-standard or non-compliant components
Comprehensive inspection report:
with detailed shots; you see what our QC team has seen in the factory
Easy online scheduling:
online order booking and management
Efficienty & rapidity:
a trained inspector on site anywhere in China within 48 hours
Supply Ability
Supply Ability:
80 Unit/Units per Day
Packaging & Delivery
Packaging Details
- Inspections performed according to the strictest international standards and client's quality control checklist by fully qualified inspectors specialized by industry and having minimum 5 years of quality control practice; all familiar with domestic and overseas business cultures;
- intervention within 48 hours maximum anywhere in China;
- Inspection summary sent the same day;
- Comprehensive inspection report with many pictures, observations & comments sent within 24 hours;
all ports in China
  • Do you have some quality issues with our imports from China or other Asian countries
  • How much it costs you in time and money to fix problems after receiving poor quality products from China or other Asian countries?
  • Are you looking for solutions to improve the quality of your productions in China and Asia?
  • Are you still arguing with your supplier in China after receiving defective goods or ruined shipment from China?
  • Chinese suppliers are pretty good in sending very good samples to entice the buyer to trust them. But how can you be sure that the bulk production will have the same quality as the great sample you have received?
  • Are you looking for a highly technical inspection company who understands your needs and your industry and can offer you cost-efficient solutions to resolve the issues you are facing with your business in China and in other Asian countries?

 Sunchine Inspection is uniquely qualified to help you manage all aspects of quality control management in China and in Asia.

With 12 years of quality control background, a strong technical inspection department, highly trained full-time Inspectors specialized by industry, inspection services conceived in base of client’s needs, concerns and requirements.
Sunchine Inspection is the right choice to help you ensure the product Quality, Safety and Compliance with your requirements and your destination markets’ regulations.
Moreover, Sunchine Inspection experts have the required expertise to advise you on how to ensure the constant quality and compliance of your productions and purchases in China and Asia and help you to resolve any issues you may have with your imports.

Why to select Sunchine Inspection as your quality inspection partner in China and Asia?

  • Honest, impartial and professional inspection services to minimize your risk of receiving defective goods from China or from other Asian countries. We respect the fact to be independent, impartial, fair and honest; Inspection independent from the manufacturer. Sunchine Inspection is responsible for his clients only.
  • Chinese/ French Management team with an extensive background in International Trade and Quality Management in France, China and other Asian countries.
  • Third Party Inspection company certified ISO 2001-2008; professional in quality management and 100% dedicated to inspection services, we can help you to make the factory audit and assessment and provide third party inspection services at each stage of production.
  • Complete range of inspection services performed as per the strictest international standards and conceived in base of client’s needs, requirements &concerns. Just explain us your quality control expectations we will design a specific inspection program to help you ensure the quality and compliance of your goods and the reliability of the supplier.
  • Extensive QC experience, highly trained & experienced full-time inspectors specialized by industry, strong Technical Inspection department and great detection capability to provide the buyer with the most reliable product quality guarantee.
  • To get optimum inspections results, Sunchine Inspection arranges the inspector as per your product classification because it’s very important that the inspector in charge of the inspection have an excellent technical knowledge of the inspected product.
  • Inspector on-site at the factory within 48 hours’ notice in China and within 72 hours’ maximum in other Asian countries
  • We quickly report any non-conformity and assist you in the course of the corrective actions.
  • Product Quality Inspection, Product Quality Check, Many Technical Tests on the Products to assess the product's construction & assembly, safety, durability, functions, functionalities and functioning.
  • Well-structured and Comprehensive inspection report with lot of close-up shots, our comments and observations provided within 24 hours’ maximum upon the completion of the inspection service.
    The inspection report shows you exactly see what our QC team has seen in the factory; so, you will know the real status of your product and any possible quality issue.
    If necessary, we can send you an inspection’s summary the same day upon the completion of the inspection.
  • Sample quality inspection report and sample factory audit report available on request; just send us an email specifying your company name and your industry. By reading the sample inspection report, you will have a good insight about the great quality of our inspection services.
  • We have the necessary expertise to help you to resolve quality issues in China and in Asia
  • Keep confidential all client’s documents and data
  • Compared with many other inspection companies in China, we don’t hire freelance inspectors and never outsource our inspection services All our inspectors are our full-time employees carefully selected for their skilled quality control expertise; we train them regularly
  • By having full time QC only, we can guarantee the inspector’s reliability and impartiality; and ensure a stable and constant quality of our inspection services always highly professional.
  • We can act as an extension of your company and help you to be successful in China and in Asia.
  • Our Quality Management Department can advise you all along the purchasing process in China and Asia.



At Sunchine Inspection quality is not just a slogan. It's an everyday commitment and a customers' right.

We commit to protect you against the risks of getting defective or hazardous products when purchasing in China and Greater Asia.

Many importers rely solely on pre-shipment inspections. It may then be too late to solve small problems or errors which can make the shipment worthless.

Carrying out two or more quality control inspections is recommended when you are working with a new factory in China, making a first-time order or producing complex products.

Inspection Services are available at any stage of production: Supplier audit, supplier evaluation, First Article Inspection, Pre-production Inspection, Initial Production Inspection, During Production Inspection, Production Monitoring, Pre-Shipment Inspection, full inspection, Sorting defects Services, Container Loading Inspection…  

 We can customize flexible inspection program specially for you and suited to our inspection budget. The cost will be far less than trying to fix a mess later. 



A complete range of highly professional third party inspection services provided anywhere in China, Turkey, Pakistan, India, Indonesia, Vietnam, Bangladesh, Cambodia, Philippines, Malaysia, Taiwan, South Korea and Sri-Lanka.


Production Monitoring (PM)
Constant oversight in your factory with daily reports on quality and production status to identify, fix problems quickly and implement corrective actions in real-time.



First article inspection (FAI)
Thorough inspection of the first article produced at the start of production run; the FAI ensures that the factory has totally understood all your specifications and requirements. First article inspection is crucial to the manufacturing process.



Initial Production Check (IPC) / Pre-Production Inspection(PPI)
Inspection of machinery, materials, components and accessories to be used for your order prior to production. The IPC gives you a clear vision of the production planning and process and helps to prevent possible deviations and flaws that could affect the quality of your goods.  



During Production Check (DUPRO) / During Production Inspection (DPI) / In-Process Inspection
Control and recommendations for production processes and capacity; this inspection is made when between 20 % to 60% of your production is completed. The inspector checks workmanship quality, raw materials, product appearance, weight check, size measurements, functionality assortment, accessories, labelling & logos, packaging, packing and other special requirements depending on the product specifications and the export market.
The unfinished products and the compliance with the initial planning of production are also verified.
During Production Inspection improves your control over production, permits timely correction of flaws and improvements in quality.



Pre-Shipment Inspection (PSI) / Final Random Inspection (FRI)
This inspection, the most important, guarantees the conformity of production to your specifications and international standards. The pre-shipment inspection takes place when 100% of the production is finished and at least 80% packed in cartons. Our inspector checks on-site the completed products, the packaging and the packing by sampling as per the method AQL ANSI/ASQ Z1.4-2008 AQL (Default Level 2) and client’s specific requirements. He also conducts the necessary test on product to make sure its safety, durability, construction & assembly, functionalities and functioning. 



Full Inspection /100% Inspection and Product Defects Sorting Services
Comprehensive inspection of 100% of your production conducted according to your instructions and our inspectors ‘experience. This service is advisable for products of high technology and products with high added value.

Container Loading Check (CLC) / Container Loading Inspection (CLI) / Container Loading Supervision
Guarantee the finished and packed goods meet your specifications (product type and quantity) and ensure that the right quantity and the right products are securely loaded for shipment in a container in good condition. 



Factory Audit / Factory Inspection / Supplier Audit
Comprehensive assessment of the factory’s production facilities and organization, capabilities and know-how. 
We can customize the factory audit to address specific concerns the client should have and look more closely into specific areas of the factory that are critical to his/her project.
Performed as per ISO 9000 standards and client’s specific requirements, the factory audit lets you know exactly if your factory meets your requirements in terms of quality, production capacity and delivery deadline.



Social Audit
Conducted as per SA 8000 standard and client's questionnaire, Social audit assesses the social dimension of a company regarding working conditions and environmental standards: work-hours compliance, safety standards, health, wages, discrimination, disciplinary practices, child labour

Laboratory Testing:
Performed by internationally certified independent Chinese laboratories; Ensures your importing products are in conformity to international regulations. We guarantee that the samples tested were taken from your production by our inspector, and not from a selection chosen by the factory. 
Sunchine inspection assumes full responsibility concerning the result of our lab tests.

Certificates Verification

Supplier First Assessment Service(SFA): 
Thorough analysis of all the documents provided by your supplier to protect your company against the fraud and non-reliable suppliers; SFA provides you with first information about the legal status, the reliability and the solvency of your future supplier in China.

Tele- Investigation Service Level 1/ Over-the-phone interview of your supplier: 
Cost-efficient service from USD 79.00 to protect you against the scammers and dishonest vendors in China; a consultant, specially trained for this service, gathers the essential information about your supplier in China; we briefly analyze the supplier's replies and send you a concise report the same day.

Tele- Investigation Service Level 2.
Same service as the tele-investigation service level 1 but it includes the verification of all the supplier’s official documents (business license, tax registration certificate, export license, certificates and certifications, etc.). 
Price of this service: USD 139.00


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Proven Product expertise on all products and imports from China, Turkey, Pakistan, India and Greater Asia

We provide lab testing, quality control and inspections service on all products and imports, including:

Hard Goods

Electrical & Electronic Items

-  Automotive parts,
- Clocks & watches
- Eyewear & binoculars
- Food and beverage
- Decorative materials
- Furniture & furnishings 
- Household utensils
- Kitchenware 
- Office supplies 
- Outdoor Gear
- Paint
- Paper
- Pet products
- Porcelain & ceramics
- Sanitary ware
- Sports & entertainment products
- Tools & small equipment
- Toys, Plush & gifts

- Computer accessories
- Consumer Electronics
- Electrical tools
- Electric vehicles
- Electronic accessories
- Health & beauty products
- Home appliances
- Light & lighting
- Medical Equipment
- Remote control toys
- Smart Appliances
- Smart Watch

- Screen Display

Soft Goods

Mechanical & Industrial Equipment

- Apparel
- Cosmetics and personal care
- Disposables
- Fabric
- Fashion jewelry & accessories
- Footwear & leather products 
- Headwear
- Home textiles 
- Luggage, bags, backpacks & cases
- Stationery
- Chemical material

- Construction products 
- Industrial supplies
- Machine
- Machinery parts
- Metal sheet
- Plastic film
- Packaging
- Renewable energy


Our rates:

Tele-Investigation Service / Over-the-phone interview of your suppliers in China: 79 USD
Tele-Investigation Service Level 2 including the verification of all the supplier’s official document and a complete concise inspection report: 139 USD
Supplier first assessment service: 158 USD, all costs included
Quality Control Inspection Services in China coastal provinces, Hebei, Henan, Chongqing and Anhui: 268 USD / Man /Day all costs included.
Factory Audit Service in China coastal provinces, Hebei, Henan, Chongqing and Anhui: 328 USD / Man /Day all costs included.
Compliance Social Audit Service in China coastal province, Hebei, Henan, Chongqing and Anhui: 348 USD / Man /Day all costs included.
For audit or quality control inspection services in other China provinces as we don’t have inspectors in these provinces and always send our full-time QC to carry out the inspection mission an additional sum can be added to cover partly the inspector’s travel expenses and accommodation.
Quality Control Inspection Services in other Asian countries: 309 USD / Man /Day all costs included in main industrial cities
Factory Audit Service in n other Asian countries: 428 USD / Man /Day all costs included in main industrial cities
Compliance Social Audit Service in other Asian countries: 468 USD / Man /Day all costs included in main industrial cities.



About us

 Founded in 2005, certified ISO 9001-9008 and 100% dedicated to inspection services, Sunchine Inspection is today one of the leading third-party inspection companies in China. We serve over 1,600 regular clients coming from all the Continents in the world and belonging to very various fields of activity. 

Based on a rich QC experience and strong testing capability, we provide comprehensive testing, inspection and certification services which cover all ranges of market and product standard in the world.

Our Inspection activities are constantly expanding throughout China and we also offer since 2010 highly professional audits and inspections services in many other Asian countries (Turkey, Pakistan, India, Indonesia, Bangladesh, Vietnam, Philippines, Cambodia, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, Taiwan and South Korea).

In China, we have a strong technical department and a sound inspection network that covers almost all the important industrial regions of China. In other Asian countries, we have highly trained inspectors in main industrial cities.

Our teams of highly qualified inspectors have been carefully hand-picked for their integrity, efficiency and expertise in the industry they inspect.  And they are trained to detect products containing non-standard or non-compliant components.

We let you know every detail of your production. Small errors can affect the finished product significantly. Sunchine Inspectors pay close attention to these small details that other inspection agencies may overlook. 

Sunchine Inspection is part of Sunchine International that provides to companies from the five continents, all the tools and services they need to maximize the security of their purchases and production in China and to get the best Price-Quality ratio when importing from China.

ISO 2001-2008 certified and managed by a dynamic Chinese and French team, Sunchine International is very aware of European and American standards in matter of product quality which are a bit different from those implemented by Asian factories.

Well-established in the most active industrial regions of China for many years, we have two executive offices one in Nanjing and another one in France which covers all the European countries and, also takes care of our American and African clients.

The other branch of Sunchine International is Sunchine Consulting founded in 2002 by François Shi, the actual Managing director of Sunchine International Co. Ltd, in China.

Sunchine Consulting can provide the following services:

- Import-Export Consulting, Purchasing, Import Management,
- International business consulting services,
- Quality Management Services;
- Interpreting and Translating Services in 11 languages; Organization and planning of business trip; assistances services for Canton Fair and other fairs business

Well-known and reputable import-export consulting company in China and abroad, Sunchine Consulting has a rich experience in matter of international trade, import-export consulting and buying in China. 

Therefore, Sunchine International has the necessary resources and expertise to support foreign buyers all along the purchasing process in China.

Totally independent from Asian manufacturers and wholesalers, Sunchine Inspection aims to maintain the highest standards in quality control in China and Asia and focus in defending and protecting the interests of our clients in China and in other Asian countries.

Provide highly professional service, be attentive to our clients’ needs, concerns and requirements, advise them at the best of their interests in China and Greater Asia is the duty of each member of Sunchine Inspection and Sunchine International.

With teams carefully selected and well-trained, we have the required qualifications to help you to find solutions to improve your quality of production in China and Asia and ensure the satisfaction of your customers.

Any Query about our inspection services?

Or do you need some advice to be successful when buying from China or other Asian Quality Countries?

Or some help to resolve quality issues and improve your production quality in China?

Please, feel free to contact me. I will be pleased to advise you.

I can speak English, French, Italian, Spanish and have good notions of German and Portuguese languages.

With an extensive background in international trade and quality control management in Europe and Asia, I can advise you on how to reduce the import risk at the maximum when buying from China or from other Asian countries.




Sunchine Inspection has the required expertise and experience to help you check the status and the quality of your products to make sure that you will finally get the products and quality as ordered by you.


We don't offer the better prices but we apply European and American Quality Standards and commit to offer you the best inspection services in Asia.


We don't make promises, but we always honor our commitments


Moreover, Sunchine experts can advise you all along the buying and production process in China and in many other Asian Countries; and help you to improve your quality control in manufacturing.


Sunchine Inspection 
          Your Trusted Inspection Partner in China


 All the pictures illustrating this ad and all my other ads are extracted from Sunchine Inspection's factory audits and inspection reports. These reports can be sent on requests to international buyers looking to work with a serious and efficient inspection company in China and in Asia.